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Avatar Maker

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Avatars are quite popular online and are mostly used to develop or enliven personal profiles in forums, internet chatting platforms and games. They are basically icons or images that represent you in the platform (forum, game…) and can be of your personal photo or that of an animal or object. Most people use animals such as cats and dogs while others love superhero characters particularly since such avatars are readily available from the internet. However, you can use an avatar maker or avatar creator to design your own unique custom avatar for your forum or game. It is often quite easy and does not require any technical knowledge to achieve. https://avatarmaker.net/ is one of the websites that allows you to quickly create different kinds of avatars usable in forums and other internet platforms. Here is a brief review of the website including a description of what they do, their pros and cons:

Website features and services
As aforementioned, avatar maker is a website that offers you a platform to make any type of avatar. It is essentially an avatar creator that allows you to choose any picture you like and use it to make an avatar. You can make your custom avatar from 48 × 48 pixels to 200 × 200 pixels. In order to offer a free range of cartoonish depictions, the website offers users the freedom to upload their images which should be in .jpg, .png or .gif formats to be accepted. With the advent of social media like Facebook and Instagram where people upload real images, avatars became less and less seen. However, platforms like message boards, membership forums, IM websites, web chats and programs still heavily depend on avatars. This avatar maker offers the opportunity to choose different anime characters that can help you make the avatar more cartoonish.

Creating and saving the avatar
At avatar maker, creating an avatar is accomplished in three simple steps using a free tool provided. All users need to do once they open the avatar creator tool is select the image/picture they want to upload or use in creating the avatar, specify the avatar size and then select the areas they want to crop out of the picture. Once this is done, the tool automatically generates their avatars and provides different cartoonish depictions to choose. Saving the avatar is just as effortless as creating it. Use the same saving procedures used to download images from the internet (right-click – save image/picture as – save). It is important to note that avatar maker does not keep avatars longer than 24 hours. It is therefore advisable to create and save different sizes if you will need them in the future otherwise you will have to recreate the avatar each time you need it. You can store your newly designed avatars in different locations just in case you accidentally delete it from your computer.

• A free avatar creator that allows you to make any kind of avatar at absolutely no fee
• Very easy to use requiring no special computer knowledge beforehand
• Offers both default options and customization to allow quick avatar creation
• A super fast avatar maker that will create and save avatars within the shortest time possible
• Users can upload and crop images they use when creating the avatar
• Allows different picture formats including .png, .jpg and .gif which are the most commonly used picture formats; most devices produce pictures in these formats

• Does not save your avatars longer than 24 hours which eliminates options for development
• Only allows three picture formats despite the large number of picture formats available
• There is no option for specifying the output format. All avatars are saved in the same format as the uploaded image.

Despite the concerns raised, this avatar creator is very efficient and ideal for those looking to quickly design their custom avatars for use in forums and internet chats. It is absolutely free and takes a very short time to come up with exceptionally unique avatars for whatever use you have. If you are going to make custom avatars without any prior knowledge of how to achieve this, then avatar maker is the best website to visit. It is also important to know that you can also create using the default sizes to save more time.