Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving Gift Cards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving Gift Cards

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When it comes to fulfilling our gifting obligations, one of the most convenient ways is giving gift cards. Without a doubt, everyone loves receiving gifts, especially during special occasions. Their popularity has over the years increased, with modern consumers looking for simpler ways to gift their loved ones without many hassles. Better still, the cards eliminate the worry of not picking the right perfume, jeans, sweater, purchase, or any other gift. You also get to eliminate budget worries (some gifts can be really expensive).

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Of course, there are many advantages of giving gift cards. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t often get a bad rap. More often, cards tend to be more popular to the givers compared to receivers. Not many people will take your simple act of giving a gift card kindly. Some consider it to be somehow impersonal. Others feel you are just too lazy to pick an actual gift while others feel you just don’t care about them. Therefore, the next time you decide to send someone a gift card, be sure to weigh out the advantages and the disadvantages of giving gift cards.

In this article, we are going to discuss the main advantages as well as the disadvantages of giving gift cards.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• Avoid Giving Out Unwanted Gifts- This happens all the time. You give someone a gift which you thought they would like, only for them to suck up on you. With a gift card, the person is able to purchase a gift that he/she loves.

• Great Convenience- Let’s face it. Some people are extremely difficult to shop for. For some, it may be personal while for others, it’s all about circumstances. Gift cards eliminate such inconveniences by allowing the receiver to buy what pleases them most.

• Reduced Shipping Costs- If you have ever bought an item from an online store, then you must know how expensive it can be, especially for larger items. The good news is that the cost of sending gift cards is a lot less as some are even sent electronically. As a result, you get to save a lot of money.

• The receiver gets a big bang for the money- If the gift card arrives when a specific store is offering huge discounts and offers then the receiver gets to get a big bang for the buck!


• Most receivers find gift cards to be impersonal, unsatisfactory, or offensive. They actually wish you hadn’t sent one at all

• It’s possible to spend more money- Yes. It’s very possible to spend much more money on gift cards that you would when purchasing someone a gift. Even if you give someone an inexpensive gift, they won’t notice. With a gift card, however, you will have to load some tidy sum just not to come off as too cheap

• It’s easy to lose a gift card, mostly due to their small size

• Possible upfront and maintenance fees- You might not be aware of this but most companies charge upfront or maintenance fees especially if the card isn’t utilized within a certain duration. You just have to hope and pray they use it sooner!

• The chosen retailer may close shop before the receiver uses the card. This can be a huge loss on your side

• Gift Card may Expire- Most gift cards expire after a given duration. If the receiver won’t have used it up before the expiry date, again, this can be a big loss on your side

Overall, gift cards are amazing. However, it’s best to take these few factors into consideration to ensure the receiver doesn’t find it weird, offensive, or get inconvenienced. Be sure to select a gift card that the receiver will thoroughly enjoy!